East Liberty


Pittsburgh, PA

Project Description:

2x6, 24-inch-on-center advance framing R-24 Blown in fiberglass wall insulation R-49 Blown in fiberglass attic insulation

Air sealing tightness, testing of 3.0 ACH at 50 Pa w/ advanced double pane windows

96%-AFUE natural gas-fired furnace with multi-speed blower

14-SEER cooling system

 0.82 Energy Factor tank less gas-fired hot water heater, ENERGY STAR Appliances

Ducts in Conditioned space

Foundation Insulation: Superior Wall xi™ includes 2.5 inch Dow® extruded polysty- rene insulation (R-12.5)

Project Facts:


S&A Homes • East Liberty Development Inc. • IBACOS

S & A partnered with East Liberty Development Inc to develop high energy effect, modern and durable single family homes in the redeveloped East End neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh.  This development has played a role in the revitalization of the East Liberty neighborhood.  




What’s So Cool About These Homes? Each home achieved a Home Energy Rating Scale score of 51-55

“The project has provided a road map to achieve the high-performance house of today and the net-zero energy of tomorrow”

The development was a factor in the increase in single-family home values in the area, plum- meting crime rate, and overall community development

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