Newport Hotel Senior Apartments


Newport, PA

Project Description:

Newport Hotel is an extensive renovation of a blighted, multi phase historic property in downtown Newport PA.  S & A partnered with Tri County HDC to renovate a former seedy hotel into 19 units for seniors in downtown Newport. 

Project Facts:

Completed in 2009 


S&A Homes, Tri-County Housing Ltd. 

General Contractor:

Poole Anderson Construction


LeFevre Funk Architects




14,351 square feet

Fast Facts:

  • Over 1000 bats were living in the attic of this property before renovation.  “Relocation” of the bats took several months.  A few have returned…
  • First floor commercial space of Newport Hotel is now the local senior center
  • The former historic bar of the Hotel is still in place. 

Area Economic Impact: 

11 construction jobs created 1 permanent jobs created

$9,000 raised annually in local taxes

$88,000 generated annually in local revenue Project leveraged $2,154,649 in private capital

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